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Copyleft and other

I realized that this site was not so clear about the rights on my material and on the others’. So, let’s put everything in place.

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Intellectual Liberation Front
MG Web agrees with and promotes the principles of - Intellectual Liberation Front.

Why copyleft?

As explained by Free Software Foundation, copyleft means distribution of content with permission for free use, provided that the user respects this freedom in turn. The simplest example of such a license is GNU General Public License, by FSF itself. I like this kind of approach, that was extended to other media (different from software) by Creative Commons, a group which created a collection of licenses suitable for audio, images, text, video.

Spreading free knowledge is a good practice because it permits better use of culture, which means a better cultural level. E.g. free knowledge made the Web possible, and also the PC itself was created by IBM when they decided to adopt an open hardware architecture, so nowadays you can build a PC at home with components made by many different third-party vendors. In the same way, everyone could write Web pages and also a software to publish them on the Internet. 70 percent of Web servers (included this one) uses a free software, Apache. For further information on freedom of knowledge and software read those texts of Renzo Davoli, Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Bologna: the manifesto of website, a proposal for freedom of software bundled with PCs, and all the texts you can read on his homepage.

I decided to choose copyleft; I’ve not so much to offer but this idea of sharing free knowledge. In general, my material is free; but on this server there’s also some content of other authors, so let’s make things clear.

Copyleft on texts

All texts produced by mine are, unless otherwise stated, under the terms of the Creative Commons license Attribution - NonCommercial - NoDerivatives 4.0 International. This means that you could reuse my texts elsewhere indicating the author, that a prevalent commercial use is forbidden and that derivative copies, such as modifications or extractions, are not allowed. As the license says, you could remove these conditions with the author permission.

Actually, what cares is that you indicate the source of my works; If you tell me your use intentions, I have no problem in granting you permission to modify or make a commercial use. Otherwise, you must do verbatim (i.e. “as is”) copies. A different license applies to my Blog posts and comments, which are published under the terms of the Attribution - NonCommercial - ShareAlike 4.0 International Creative Commons License. I think that in this case it is necessary to grant you the permission to use extracts, that are the soul of blogosphere.

There shouldn’t be, on this server, texts by other people without mention of the author and license; the author’s license must be followed for third-party documents or documents linked from other websites. Contact me if you find third-party text put on this server without permission and/or author/license information, I’fix it.

Copyleft on immages, video, audio

This is basically the same as texts: for my images, audio or video, you must follow (again, unless otherwise stated) the Attribution - NonCommercial - NoDerivatives 4.0 International, and my authorization is required for using my content in a way not covered by this license. Except otherwise noted, all images, video and audio physically available on this server (i.e. their URL starts with one of,,, are mine; for third-party content or content linked from other servers, contact the respective right owners (contact me if you have questions about how to contact an author).

Contact me especially if you want to use my logo (you’ll find it, in many sizes and colours, in any page of domain); I can provide you the vector version (SVG) of my logo, and give you information on making custom versions of the logo itself.

As of October 27 2005 some third-party images without author information are available on this server; I’m committed to set clear every pending case, putting author/license information in alt and title attributes, or in a summary. If after half November 2005 you find third-party images put on this server without permission and/or author/license information, please contact me.


I think that’s all. Should I publish software on this site, it’ll be probably covered by GPL. I’m here to speak if you have further questions. Remember that I want to give maximum freedom of use for my stuff; I only want to keep a “moral fatherhood”, I’ll give every other right to anyone who contacts me. This page is meant for third-party stuff, basically.

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